Lech Moliński

Curator, Head of Programming Team

Is looking forward to the moment when he will be able to say he spent half his life in the city. He grew up in the forest, so he is free from dreams of living far from civilization. In Wrocław, he loves discovering new housing estates, and feels just as comfortable in Ołbin, Sępolno or (recently) Gądów Mały. His big plans are very modest: he would like to learn to speak Italian fluently and visit all 91 cities in Lower Silesia by the end of the year. Secretly dreams that Federico Bernardeschi will build a life form in Juventus and lead the Italian team to victory in UEFA European Football Championships. In foundation he programs and coordinates projects, creates MIASTOmovie from the very beginning and tries to come up with new solutions and improve old ideas.

Anka Bieliz

Curator, Member of Programming Team

She has ‘always’ coordinated some projects – local, social, educational or in the field of cultural animation. She started in CRZ Krzywy Komin. She has also worked “from 9 to 5” on EU projects only to return to culture at the Impart Festival Office during Wrocław 2016 European Capital of Culture Festival. Since 2018, she has been coordinating the city-wide Microgrants Project, which she “uses” to meet new people (with whom she later cooperates) and new Wrocław housing estates (which she later visits). She has been at the Wrocław Film Foundation, where she is co-programming MIASTOmovie, since 2014. She is a supporter of “Wrocław Housing Estate”, open to any cross-sectoral cooperation.Half of her life she ran away from single-family houses and physical activity, and now she regularly runs around looking for Polish cubes to photograph (and put on IG @kostka.polska).

Kuba Żary

Press Spokesman, Curator, Member of Programming Team

Even though he approaches great plans in life without too much enthusiasm, he dreams of such solutions in architecture and urban planning.  He spends his days working in the Wrocław Culture Zone at Barbara, and his evenings on creating texts; since childhood, he has regularly sat in front of the radio microphone and listened to music just as regularly – for several years now, mainly the one coming from Australia and New Zealand, about which he has been hosting a programme entitled “The Seventh Continent” on Radio LUZ. He has been engadged in MIASTOmovie from the very beginning – dealing with media communication and art.

Julia Bartosz


A Wroclaw citizen from the very beginning, she lived in two of the housing estates laughed at by the rest of the team – Gaj and Żerniki – and she is proud of it. She would rather be delighted by people more than architecture. She made her debut in MIASTOmovie in 2014 as a volunteer, spent the following editions in the festival club (often until the morning), and somehow she ended up as a project coordinator. She likes changes and that’s why she never knows what she’ll be doing next year. She also turns big plans into small things and microscopic ones into milestones. She is always trying to reconcile something – nature of a workaholic with desire for uninterrupted vacation; love for film with passion for music and the desire to escape to the countryside with need for city hustle and bustle.

Aleksandra Strączek

Member of Programming Team

A graduate of College of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, associated with the MIASTOmovie project since 2016. She used to write and talk about culture (Gazeta Młodych, Radio LUZ), then co-organized festivals (including some in cooperation with Wrocław Film Foundation), but the topic of design and new technologies kept coming back and ultimately it is what she does today. In Wrocław for 28 years, with short breaks for Sweden and Netherlands. She likes to eat breakfast out and ride her bike between the Capitol Theatre and the Opera (because on sunny days there are so many cyclists that for a short while you can feel just like in Amsterdam). As an enthusiast of active recreation and comfortable blouses in her free time she sometimes runs away to Hel. She had a lot of big plans, but in 2020 it makes no sense.

Weronika Sowińska

Workflow of copies, Festival Centre, Volunteers

Out of great plans she prefers great escapes. Constantly seeking for new experiences and that is why she cannot imagine living outside the city. She uses it so intensively that at one time she rented a room without a window – at least she had a good sleep in it so needed after exploring the urban tissue by night. She treats her bicycle only as a mean of transport and therefore loses one per season on average. She slowly feels that Wroclaw is becoming too small for her, but she hasn’t figured out where she’ll go next yet, so she doesn’t say it out loud.

Aleksandra Hołowacz


Shortly in Wrocław, even shorter in MIASTOmovie. Although she loves to escape to nature, she cannot imagine living outside the city. She is very fond of Grunwald’s ‘sedesowce’, as it was them that gave rise to her fascination with architecture and urban planning. During her frequent travels she searches for the most interesting buildings, spaces and stories behind it. Wrocław has taught her how to move around the city by bike – now she doesn’t know how she lived without having one.

Janek Chrzan

Social Media, Festival Club, Website

Associated with Microgrants, Regime association, Symposium 70/20 and Canti Spazializzati project. He always finds time for new missions. He likes to talk the most, especially about radio, on the radio and within it as it is his favourite medium (greetings for Radio Luz and Radio Kapitał!). He often revolves around the train yard, where he co-programmes the club project of Uczulenie. On Saturday nights you’ll probably find him inside, under the left speaker.  He doesn’t like to be late for a tram, but he will always forgive the tram for being late. He is still learning about modernism and loves non-fiction literature. W In our Crew he’s “the new one”.

Jerzy Wypych


Photographer, video artist and designer. Associated with the Wroclaw Film Foundation and TIFF Collective, with whom he has been working closely since 2016. He appreciates a well-designed city, and is even more pleased with responsibly designed green areas and backyards. He works on photographic projects dealing with visual ethnography and spatial relations. He hides his big plans in his pocket, forgets and puts them in the washing machine.

Paweł Floryn

Visual Identification

Architect and illustrator. In Wroclaw since always, a fan of Sępolno and trees in the streets. He is a great supporter of planning both in the city and in life, although he knows it often does not work. In the evenings he often visits Switzerland on Google Earth and draws Fictional Cities (IG @fictitious.cities). He has big plans, but most of all he would like to design a house for someone and illustrate fairy tales for children. He enjoys discovering new music and the OFF Festival, although recently he has been listening to mostly optimistic hits from the 70s and 80s.