More than a MOVIE

MIASTOmovie is a project in which a documentary film is a starting point

…to talk about the city and reflect on architecture, urban planning, challenges for contemporary urban organisms. The most important element is the annual festival, taking place in the New Horizons Cinema and in the spaces of Wrocław.

In the last dozen or so years Polish cities have been undergoing gigantic changes. A stream of EU funds has flowed into our country, stimulating the construction of new buildings and enabling the revitalization of degraded parts of cities. Poles have begun to increase their standard of living by taking out housing loans en masse. The ownership structure of buildings and land in cities also started to change rapidly. The number of processes occurring in a short period of time – and permeating each other – seems difficult to grasp. Our action is to make it easier for all inhabitants of Polish cities to move around in this labyrinth of changes.

Since 2014 MIASTOmovie has been a discussion platform

…a meeting place on neutral ground for various actors of urban transformation processes: architects, urban planners, officials, activists, sociologists and inhabitants. In the formula of an interdisciplinary cultural and social event, we initiate reflection on what does ‘urban’ mean.

We present films and talk about them. We often ask experts in various fields for lectures broadening the film context. We organize workshops and meetings with the directors of the documentaries shown. All of this is done to make the issues we address sound as comprehensive as possible.