A Night in The New Centre

Thursday – 8.10, 22:00, HALA Świebodzki

At MIASTOmovie we will devote the Friday’s after-screening discussion to The New Downtown Świebodzki. We will check, if it really is the ‘Custom-made centre for the XXI century’. Furthermore, we invite to You to experience the space with Your own senses – join us on the Thursday’s evening in HALA Świebodzki!

The sound of the suburbs

Friday, Saturday – 9.10 i 10.10, 22:30, Recepcja

Succulent sounds have always been coming from Metropolisworking-class suburbs. You can’t miss the musical identity of Robin Hood Gardens while watching it decay in the movie Disappearance of Robin Hood Gardens. The inhabitants of London’s districts brought to it the vibration of their homelands and it still resonates and evolve in the streets. We will that trail with some help of Wrocław’s DJs, who will present the fresh sound of the suburbs during two club nights in Recepcja.

Wrocław’s musical cooperatives

Sunday – 11.10, 20:30, Recepcja

After our visit in Austrian housing cooperative due to the movie Such Stuffs as Dreams are Made On, we will take a look at Wrocław’s cooperatives – the ones not sharing a living space, but a passion and love for music.